Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mandarin 'bout Spanish?

Is it just me ...or do others detect some people having a problem with Kevin Rudd and others, using their linguistic skills in public?

I happen to think it's great that the leader of this country is fluent in another language..Mandarin. In fact I really admire people who take the time and put in the effort to learn another language, because it's not easy for an adult, generally speaking, to do that and come out sounding as if it's second nature

Even tonight on the news, the tone of the introduction to the story of Rudd welcoming the Spanish Royals to Australia he goes again...speaking another language. What a show off.

Now I know he's been called a nerd and criticised for flaunting his oral abilities...and I know there have been other members of parliament who have also been able to speak another language

But why do we have such a problem with it?

Are we really so insecure with people who can converse in a language other than "ocker"? Or do we prefer watching the likes of John Howard circling the globe in his Wallabies trackie...saying "g"day to all and sundry, including people who wouldn't have had a clue who he was?

I know who I prefer.

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