Monday, June 15, 2009

Shoe love

Well, as the title of my blog implies... I do have a thing about shoes...but then, I'm not alone.

My love of shoes began a long time ago while still at school. I kept seeing beautiful shoes on sale but couldn't afford both dresses and shoes. So, I learnt how to sew so I could save my money for SHOES!

My love of shoes has continued right through the years ....and while I have quite a few pairs I defintely do not have too many.

As an extension of this love, I started my own little business from home, selling clear shoe boxes. You can check out my website at

Originally, I was looking to buy some but thought they were a bit expensive, so started the search for a manufacturer. Luckily I found one not far from my home. We got a design worked out to fit just about every size of shoe and not long afterwards, I took delivery of my first batch of clear shoe boxes.
I've sold quite a lot, mostly on ebay and it's been a lot of fun. Check out my website if you like to have a look

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