Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hippy Hippy Shake

After last night's dinner party of Veggie soup, roast lamb, scalloped potatoes and asparagus, followed by Sticky Date Pudding with cream and caramel sauce, I started thinking it was time to get serious about losing a few (read: many) kilos.

I'm too damn heavy for my height. When I was at school I weighed 55 kgs. I always felt I was chubby but now that I look back I know damn well I wasn't. I was just fine and now, almost 30 kgs heavier, I'm way past chubby and am downright FAT!
Back in 2005, a girlfriend and I started an on-line weight loss challenge. My aim was to lose 15 kgs. Her aim was to lose 25. I didn't make it but did lose 9 kgs and I was very happy with myself. I looked good and felt terrific. My friend almost made it and lost 21kgs and she looked sensational! But we've both put it all back on and then some.

She lives in a country town so has gone back to doing Weight Watchers on line, and has so far done pretty well.

I already do a session of Pilates once a week as well as two-hour long sessions of cardio and weights. But it appears it's not enough., Sunday 7th June, it's "D-DAY" Diminish my body day

I got on the treadmill, for the first time in ages and worked up a sweat. I walked for 2 kilometres and tomorrow I'll do the same. One can only hope that I will lose something in the first week and then go on from there
Off we go!

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