Saturday, June 06, 2009

Chaser Apologises

News today that The Chaser's War on Everything will be missing from our ABC screens for a couple of weeks, so Auntie can "review its approval processes" following the controversy over a skit about dying children.

There's been much talk on radio about the skit and the shows overall merits...some of those callers have also appealed to the ABC to take the show off-air permanently
I watched it and must admit, didn't find it particularly funny....but that doesn't mean I want it ripped off-air. I have a remote control with an "off" button on it as well as the ability to change channels. If I don't like something I simply turn off or watch something else.
I was chatting to a friend about the program, and even though he didn't see it, made a judgement on it by the comments he'd heard about it and an excerpt of the program he'd seen. I suggested that the best way to make an informed judgement on something was to make sure you knew exactly what you were opposing or supporting first.

There are quite a few programs on TV that I don't watch because I find them puerile. Case in point: Two and a Half Men and Rules of Engagement.
One Age-Green Guide TV reviewer described Rules Of Engagement recently as "crap". I agree.
My neighbour loves them though and encourages me to watch them because she says, they're hilarious! No thanks. But just because I don't want to watch them doesn't mean I want to destroy her enjoyment
I find it interesting that the calls for the Chaser to be scrapped come in the same week of the 20th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre...and this week, China's rulers have been busy with the censors scissors, cutting all mention of it from Internet websites and even stopping some websites from also comes at a time when the press in Fiji is virtually non-existent since the new, so called, Government stepped in and took control of the media
If you don't like the Chaser, switch off, read a book, watch Rules of Engagement or Two and a Half men...but don't try to impose your TV tastes on everyone else

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