Sunday, May 31, 2009

Change room etiquette

I think I missed my calling...maybe I really should've worked in retail...I would've made a great change-room motivator. I would love to be able to let people know, I mean REALLY know, how they look in the things they're trying on, because there's nothing more depressing than standing in an outfit and having a shop assistant tell you how good you look when you know damn well it looks horrendous!

I'm not talking about being rude or cruel. Far from it! I'm talking about kindness and looking out for fellow shoppers who may need a friendly face and voice.

It happened yesterday while shopping with my friend G. She looks good in just about anything but it wasn't happening for her. She tried on quite a few things and nothing was "right". While I was waiting for her there was another woman trying on a long, bulky knit that sort of wrapped around her. There was a lot going on with that jumper, but it looked good so I complimented her and we both decided it needed one of those massive safety pins or woggle or toggles or whatever they are. The colour was perfect on her and she really looked great!
A few months back I was shopping with another friend and while waiting for her another woman was trying on jackets...the one she had was much too big I asked if she'd tried on the smaller size...she did and it looked fantastic. So we got chatting and laughing and she thanked me because she said she needed another set of eyes to tell her how the garment really looked on her
It doesn't always work though...the friend I was shopping with had tried on about 6 things. She was looking for a top to go with some evening pants and there was one that looked absolutely fan-bloody-tastic! It had a flattering neckline, it skimmed over her boobs and her hips and fell just a smidge below her crotch. It fitted perfectly. The fabric was in colours that would go with just about anything really. Very, very gorgeous! When I complimented her she said to me in no uncertain terms, " I don't mean to be rude, but I have to remember that I'm buying for me and not for you"....and so it went, right back on the rack

Now, I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment...but that top was the best thing she tried on that day and it would've been worn and worn again through Summer and Winter. So I let her go and didn't really offer any more comments after that.

Funny how strangers can accept a compliment so easily, but some friends find it hard to believe you're telling them the truth when you say how good a garment makes them look.

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