Saturday, May 30, 2009

...and we're off!

Day one of my blog...which I thought I'd start after checking out some absolutely gorgeous blogs this week. How could I not be impressed with The House that A-M Built, The Laurel Hedge, My Fantasy House and Swish and Swanky.

All gorgeous. All inspiring.

They're not the only ones I checked out but they've stayed in my mind for a couple of days now and I know I'll be heading back to look at their progress again and again

Me?....I like lot's of things...lot's of gorgeous things and as the title of my Blog suggests... I. Do. Not. Have. Too. Many. Shoes!

Cooking, sewing, knitting, although I've been a bit neglectful in the fibre area lately. My big love though is renovating. I love it, but more of that on another day

Today I'm off for a coffee and some lunch with a girlfriend...a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon

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